Liturgical celebrations

Timetable of celebrations in Santa Maria del Fiore


Celebrations presided over by the Cardinal Archbishop

Palm Sunday 23 March

Hours 10.15  In the Baptistery: blessing and procession with branches

Hours 10.30  In the Cathedral: Eucharistic concelebration

Hours 17.15   Vespers sung

Hours 18.00  S. Mass.

Holy Thursday 28 March

Hours 9.30    Concelebration of the Presbytery, consecration and blessing of the oils, renewal of priestly promises

Hours 17.30   Concelebrated Holy Mass "in the Lord's Supper", with washing of the feet and Eucharistic reposition.
The Cathedral remains open until 23.00 pm for adoration

Good Friday 29 March

Hours 9.00    Office of Readings and Morning Prayer in song

Hours 17.30  Liturgical Action in the Passion and Death of the Lord with: proclamation of the "Passion" - adoration of the Cross - Eucharistic Communion
Today the collection is being carried out for the Places of Palestine

Holy Saturday 30 March

Hours 9.00    Office of Readings and Morning Prayer in song

Hours 21.00  Easter Vigil on the holy night of the Resurrection: blessing of the fire and the candle - procession of light - announcement of Easter - Liturgy of the Word, Baptismal, Eucharistic.

Easter Sunday 31 March

Hours 10.15   In the Baptistery: Third Hour – Introital Procession – Sprinkling

Hours 11.00   In the Cathedral: Eucharistic concelebration – At the traditional “Gloria” “Explosion of the chariot”; papal blessing with plenary indulgence

Hours 17.15    Vespers sung

Hours 18.00  S. Mass

He will participate in the celebrations with singing:

the “Musical Chapel of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore”

Weekday Schedule of Celebrations

Hours 8.00
Office of Morning Readings and Lauds

Hours 8.30
Capitular Holy Mass

Hours 10.00
Santa Mass

Hours 18.00
Santa Mass

Festive Timetable of Celebrations

Hours 9.00
Santa Mass

Hours 10.00
Morning praises

Hours 10.30
Chapter Mass (in Gregorian chant)

Hours 12.00
Santa Mass

Hours 17.15
Vespers (in Gregorian chant)

Hours 18.00
Holy Mass (with organ)