Florentine Metropolitan Chapter

The Cathedral Chapter “is the college of priests who are responsible for carrying out the most solemn liturgical functions in the cathedral church”; it is also up to the Cathedral Chapter to fulfill the tasks entrusted to it by law or by the diocesan Bishop ”.

The Florentine Metropolitan Chapter is a public juridical person in the canonical order, civilly recognized, and as such is registered in the register of juridical persons at the Prefecture of Florence. In particular, it is responsible for:

  • to absolve the praise of God, through the festive and weekday celebration and the liturgy of the Hours and the conventual Mass in the manner indicated by the Regulations;
  • assist the Archbishop in the most solemn functions in the Cathedral;
  • provide for the cultural and pastoral management of the Cathedral, of which it is the legal representative, in the canonical and civil offices, taking care of the regularity and dignity of the celebrations, the preaching of the Word of God and the orderly administration of the Sacraments;
  • provide for the cultural and pastoral management of the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the chapel of San Benedetto, to be considered respectively the rectorial church and oratory, of which the Chapter has the legal representation, in the canonical and civil offices.